Why We Study Chess is the right place for You?

We Study Chess  is the online community dedicated to every chess player who wants to study chess with method starting from the basics

After years reading all the infomation online to improve at chess, we understood that valuable teaching material is difficult to find and often the topics covered are not connected to each other.

As if this were not enough, almost always the didactic part of the lessons is totally left to the ability of the chess master and often not so good.

That’s why we started this project: We Study Chess.

We want to create a simple, complete chess study plan with particular attention to the learning materials and help all chess players who want to improve but don’t know where to start.

Do you feel ready to take a journey into the world of chess with us?

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What you will find inside We study Chess

We study Chess is an experiment. It is really difficult to tell what it will become in a year from now.

On the one hand we want to document our personal chess study path, on the other hand we want to help other chess players on the way to the title of Grand Master of Chess. :-)

That’s why we already know one thing.

On this website you will find a blog that we will try to update regularly with many guides, manuals and resources for beginners and more advanced chess players who want to study and improve at chess methodically.

But what a thing that we would love most of all.

We would like this website to become a true chess community.

Here is what you will find on this project.

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Chess guides for beginners and club players

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Reviews of the best chess books and manuals

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Other chess players to play games and tournaments

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Useful tools and resources to improve your game

Chess games played
Chess study hours
Tournaments played

We study Chess
The community to start studying chess with method

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